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October Global Group

Date: Thursday 17th October 2019

Time: 10am for 10:30am

Host: Deloitte LLP

We will be joined by representatives from Deloitte, Tapestry and ProShare. With topics including:

> The latest Human Capital trends and how leading organisations are starting to think about structuring and communicating incentive plans to appeal to not only full- and part-time workers but also to gig workers, contractors, and crowdsourced talent who fall outside the traditional bounds of the employer-worker relationship

> Practical aspects of corporate governance

> Indications from 2019 season, new scheme design and implications for admin

> Labour Party ‘inclusive ownership’ proposals

> Impact on UK after a potential Brexit 14 days from the meeting!

> Global tax and securities law update.

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Yesterday we held our second virtual Global Group. Special thanks go to our esteemed speakers from Deloitte, Tapestry and Ocorian.

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