The smart way to manage your company share plans

Since 1991, Howells have provided services for share scheme administration.

Share Plan Admin

ST8 is a web based system for the administration of your company share plans.


Microsoft SQL Server with Transparent Data Encryption enabled. Software written using Microsoft ASP.Net.


Designed to cover the administration of your discretionary share plans, with functionality for even the most complex of plans.


As well as our in system support function, we remain available to assist you with any queries, through your dedicated Account Manager. 

Access (including Single Sign On)

Access to ST8 is through our own secure login. Alternatively, we can integrate with your SSO provider. ST8 is compatible with all devices.


We fully manage the implementation process including data migration and audit, working with you to ensure accuracy from the start.

Administrator Dashboard

ST8 share plan admin

Bonus Share Matching Plans (BSP)

Company Share Options Plans (CSOP)

Deferred Bonus Plan (DBP)

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Executive Share Option Plan (ESOP)

Incentive Stock Options (ISO)

Joint Share Option Plans (JSOP)

Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)

Phantom Plans

Performance Share Plans (PSP)

Restricted Share Plans (RSP)

Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR)

Purpose built share plan software for the administration of your company share plans

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